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America’s Library
America’s Story from America’s Library is created by the Library of Congress. Games, activities, and a reading list are added to historical collections featured in the Library of Congress.

American Folklore
This website contains numerous tales of American folklore. The site is organized around different themes, such as Famous Characters, Historical Folklore, and Regional Folktales. Along with these areas, there is also a complete alphabetical list of all the different tales on the site.

Book Adventure
A reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. It offers recommended reading lists by grade level along with rewards for reading accomplishments.

BookHive is designed for students through age 12, their parents and teachers. Created by public librarians in North Carolina, the site lists good children’s books arranged categorically. The lists provide a synopsis of the book, its intended audience, and occasional reviews.

Comic Creator
Students can compose their own comic strips using various characters, speech balloons, props, and backgrounds. After creating their comics, students can print them to share with friends and family.

Fun Brain
This site by the Family Education Network provides free educational games and quizzes in math, grammar, science, spelling, and history. It also provides excellent resources for teachers and parents.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales
This National Geographic site for students invites students to read and hear (in some cases) stories in their original, unsoftened form. Students can choose from a menu of options to guide them through the tales.

Invention at Play
Invention at Play, based on a Smithsonian traveling exhibit, focuses on how play inspires invention. Multiple intelligences are explored, and the site offers a variety of integration opportunities for the classroom teacher. Games for students tap into the imagination and build problem-solving skills.

This site promotes quality reading through book reviews, related games, author biographies and interviews, and more. Students can also find out how to set up a successful book club, along with discussion guides for select books.

Make Beliefs Comix
Students can create their own comic strips on this site that offers animal and human characters with different moods, thought and talk balloons to fill in with words in English or Spanish, and story prompts. After creating their comic strips, students can print them or email them to friends or family.

Read up on new books, listen to famous authors, and play games!

No Flying, No Tights
Explore graphic novels at this site that features Top Ten lists, book reviews, definitions and links for kids, teens and adults.

Brightly animated and highly interactive, Seussville entertains children as they complete word puzzles, matching games, and other activities based on the books of Dr. Seuss. Kids can also write a story and bring it to life with fanciful characters, music, and scenery.

Storyline Online
Members of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation read children’s books online.

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